Business plan - Business plan for car wash with calculations - how to open a car wash from scratch
Business plan
Sunday, 17.11.2019, 08:07
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     Business plan for car wash with calculations - how to open a car wash from scratch

Estimated data:

Monthly income - from 210 000 or 165 000 rubles.
Net profit - from 39 100 or 28 475 rubles.
Initial costs - from 728 800 rubles.
Payback - from 1 year 9 months.

Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.
In this article we will compile a detailed business plan for a small stationary car wash with calculations.


Description of the service;
Market analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Assessment of opportunities;
Organizational and legal aspects;
Drawing up a marketing plan;
Calculation of incomes;
Drawing up a production plan;
Organizational plan;
Financial plan;
Description of the service
The car wash provides services for car washing, polishing, chemical cleaning of the passenger compartment, washing the engine. We draw your attention to the fact that people will perform the work, it is not an automated washing. But for the work will be used professional equipment, allowing you to perform work faster than usual. It will be a relatively small car wash.

Generally a car wash, as business is considered only by those who have their own premises for this activity or have the opportunity to erect it on their land. Then this business is profitable. If you take a room for rent, it turns out to be less profitable, and the premises are not easy to find. Nevertheless, for the preparation of this business plan, we considered a variant with a leased premises.

Market analysis
The market analysis of this industry was covered in the business plan for dry cleaning. I want to dwell on the consideration of competitors and methods of dealing with them.

The main competition will be large, well-known in the whole city enterprises. Fortunately, there are not many of them. The main methods of combating them are more profitable offers, promotions, discounts, quality services, and their accessibility. An important factor will be advertising. Correctly planned business always begins with the development of an advertising campaign.

Small car wash will not cause any special harm. If they are far from our location, they will not have any effect at all. But with those car washes that are located nearby, will have to compete. Here the main tool of the struggle will be advertising. Have to spend a lot of money on outdoor advertising. And it will be not only signs, but also various indexes, posters. It is very important to think over the shares, and to change the cost in accordance with seasonal demand. This flexibility will allow you to stay in the black during the calm, luring to yourself all the new customers.

If we talk about potential buyers, then it will be people with cars, naturally. Mostly, men between the ages of 20 to 55 years. This contingent gives preference to the quality of the service, the consumers of this segment pay no attention to the interior decoration. The income of potential buyers is medium and above average. Citizens with low incomes, as a rule, carry out car washing themselves.

Women also use the car wash service. They pay attention to the appearance of employees, their grooming, the presence of signs. Today, women at the wheel are significantly "younger". It is worthwhile to focus on ladies at the age of 20-45 years with medium and high incomes.

How to open a car wash from scratch

SWOT analysis
When you open your own manual car wash, you need to conduct a thorough research. It is worth resorting to SWOT analysis. This technique allows you to study the business comprehensively, point out the shortcomings and opportunities.

It is customary to separate the factors into external and internal factors. The first to affect or change them is impossible. They include:

An increase in the number of cars and, as a result, an increase in the number of potential customers, demand for a service.
Growth of income of the population.
Reducing the level of competition.
Free entry to the market, no barriers.
Opportunity to open a related business (car service, for example).
Provision of related services.
Sale of spare parts, tools for car care and stuff.
Increased competition.
Increase in the tax burden.
Legislative changes (for example, re-introduction of licensing).
Decrease in demand due to economic recession and lower purchasing power.
Forced relocation to a new location.
Necessity of fulfilling the requirements of SES (especially those related to water and room maintenance).
Seasonality of business, a sharp decline in income due to this.
Internal factors can be changed, working on shortcomings, eliminating them. And the strengths to use oneself for the good, strengthen their influence. Internal factors include:

Relatively low level of competition in the selected territory.
Favorable location.
The possibility of recruiting experienced workers.
Searching for profitable conditions for renting a room.
Low costs for providing services (especially raw materials).

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