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Business plan agency for copywriting with calculations

    Business plan agency for copywriting with calculations

Estimated data:

The monthly income is 75,000 rubles (real), the actual income is 250,000 rubles.
The net profit is 45,000 rubles.
The initial costs are 70,800 rubles.
Payback - from 2 months.

Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.
In this article, we will compile a detailed business plan for the agency on copywriting with calculations.


Description of the service;
Market analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Assessment of opportunities;
Organizational and legal aspects;
Drawing up a marketing plan;
Calculation of incomes;
Drawing up a production plan;
Organizational plan;
Financial plan;
Description of the service
This business plan is dedicated to the agency that is engaged in copywriting. Immediately make a reservation that the organization will work on the Internet. This choice will be justified below. It is important to understand that at the head of such an agency should be a literate person to accurately assess how literate people he recruits to his team.

Market analysis
Someone will say that this type of business today is not relevant. It's worth doubting to work at the copywriting exchange. Yes, people use the services of freelancers. You ask, so why should they have an agency if you can find a performer through the exchange? The answer is very simple. Not everyone has time to check, correct, search for a suitable artist (who said that every freelancer is highly professional? And time is known to be money, so many entrepreneurs have long learned to value their time, they are willing to pay well for quality content (yes, this is not a myth, people are willing to pay really MUCH).

I want to dwell on the format of the agency. There are two possible options:

Opening of the agency directly in your city. But in this case there are more minuses than pluses. Why? The cost of rent, the need to keep staff workers, a narrow market sector. And in general, why open such a stationary agency, if you can do it on the Internet? The pluses include the greater team cohesiveness, less staff turnover and the transparency of all expenses (then you can use STS 15% of the difference between income and expenses).
Opening of the agency on the Internet. This type of business is the most pleasant and promising. First, in case of failure or low demand, it will be possible to stay afloat and not even to go into the "minus". Secondly, you can attract literate copywriters to work that do not live in your city, but all over Russia. Pay their bid is not necessary, you can choose to pay on the fact of work.
If you evaluate this niche of business, you need to talk about the constant demand for the services of copywriters. The thing is that people use the Internet much more actively. They look for information, write to receptions, buy, sell - in a word, they do everything they can. The number of Internet users is growing all the time.

And, of course, any site needs unique content to exist normally. That is why demand not only remains at the same level, but also constantly grows.

If we talk about competitors, we need to understand that there are plenty of them. You can divide them all into the following groups:

Freelancers. There are quite a lot of them today. It is necessary to struggle here not with everyone separately, but with all at once. How? Provide quality content on time, give guarantees, create a customer base, work with the same people all the time. The greatest danger will be the so-called "sharks of the pen." The blessing of them is a little, hardly they can process the big volume of the information.
Copywriting agencies. Today there are a lot of them too. But not all of them provide high-quality content. The methods of struggle will include a powerful advertising company, convenience and accessibility of services, excellent design and maintenance of the site, and, of course, high quality.
It is impossible not to say about the potential consumer. It will be the owners of sites that need unique and competent content.

Before you open your own copywriting agency, you need to determine the direction of work. It can be the professional creation of commercial offers, advertising, selling texts or just information articles - there are many options. Here everything will depend on what freelancers will be able to find an entrepreneur.

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