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Business plan for a sweet shop with calculations - how to open a confectionery

     Business plan for a sweet shop with calculations - how to open a confectionery

The monthly income is 180,000 rubles.
The net profit is 86,720 rubles.
The initial costs are 255,000 rubles.
Payback - from 3 months.

Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.
In this article, we will compile a detailed business plan for a mini-confectioner's shop with calculations.


Description of the service;
Market analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Assessment of opportunities;
Organizational and legal aspects;
Drawing up a marketing plan;
Calculation of incomes;
Drawing up a production plan;
Organizational plan;
Financial plan;
Description of the service
The organization is engaged in baking cakes, pancakes and muffins on order. We are considering a situation where a private entrepreneur independently prepares products for sale. He does not have any additional employees. There is only the desire of a good cook to become a real salesman of sweets. We consider renting a room, but you can also use your premises, if available.

How to open a confectionery

Market analysis
The realities of today lead to the idea that it is almost impossible to open and keep afloat a simple confectionery. This is due to the very high competition of the industry.

Having analyzed the analytical data, it can be concluded that the industry is not developing today. In the market there was a glut of goods. Since 2000 there has been no growth rate. Even small towns are oversaturated with confectionery.

The competition in the industry is very large, respectively, and the requirements for the products are high. What can attract a private entrepreneur with a small volume of production of buyers? First of all, the exclusivity of the products offered. Why are people ready to buy such a product? Because large stores offer the client the same goods. They have no variety, or rather, diversity, that is, only in large supermarkets they sell the same thing as in a small shop. In general, this is a very relative variety.

People want something special, which would be done only for them. So, today cakes from mastic, products with photos, drawings, small toys, figurines are very popular. How does the whole process go? A person tells the seller about the necessary weight, the event itself. Attention is also paid to specific features of the life of a person or people for whom this cake will be cooked. In the same way, it happens with baking small muffins, pancakes.

An important advantage is that, in fact, production directly depends on the number of customers. That is, you can purchase the required number of products in advance.

How to open a candy store from scratch

Of course, when you study information about consumer demand, you can see that cakes and cakes account for only 8%. But is it so bad?

First, our entrepreneur does not prepare in such large volumes to provide a large number of customers. The number of consumers will be much larger than the number of products manufactured. This will set a good price for handmade cakes.

Secondly, in the segment of sweets and biscuits there is the highest demand. At the same time, the competition there is huge. A large part of the market is occupied by large confectionery factories. Competing with them is more than difficult. And the profit from sales will be less than when making cakes.

So, who will become the main consumer of sweets of a private entrepreneur?

This can include people of medium and above average level of prosperity. As a rule, people order family cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, birthday parties. It is worth paying close attention to families with children of small age. Parents tend to take a very responsible approach to preparing a holiday for their child. A cake handmade with your favorite cartoon characters will certainly please the baby.

How to open a confectionery bakery

Of course, no competition will not do. There are three main competitors:

Large shops and supermarkets. But the private entrepreneur will win against their background due to exclusivity, individual approach, quality and novelty of the ideas used.
Coffee houses and other catering establishments. They can be eliminated by separating the niche of buyers. Not everyone is ready to go to celebrate a celebration in a cafe, many do it at home. And the cake will cost a little cheaper, but the taste will be better.
Other private entrepreneurs are confectioners. There are more and more such people today. You can fight them. It is necessary to prepare custom-made cakes so that people come again and again. Yes, and customers can lead new comers. In this business it is "word of mouth" that is the main engine of advertising. Therefore, all that is required from the confectioner is to do his work with love.

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