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Business plan for an online store with calculations

Business plan for an online store with calculations
March 14 Author: Schmidt Nikolay 53520 6

Business plan online store

Estimated data:

The monthly income is 450,000 rubles.
The net profit is 98 600 rubles.
Initial costs - 333 800 rubles.
Payback - from 4 months.
Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.

In this article we will compile a detailed business plan for an online store based on clothing with calculations. But remember that this business plan can be applied absolutely to any online store, simply by replacing the goods. You can also read articles in the section on how to open an online store.


Description of the service;
Market analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Assessment of opportunities;
Organizational and legal aspects;
Drawing up a marketing plan;
Calculation of incomes;
Drawing up a production plan;
Organizational plan;
Financial plan;
Business franchise.
Description of the service
In this business plan, the possibility and urgency of opening your own online clothing store is considered. In this "virtual" outlet will be sold goods for women. Below, the choice of a certain direction will be justified.

The business plan considered below can be applied to other online stores. The difference will only be in terms of costs and financial indicators. Channels of goods promotion, in fact, will be the same.

Market analysis

Today, it is not necessary to talk about the urgency of opening your own online store. If you look at the chart below, you can see that the growth rate of online retail is significant. This once again confirms the increased demand of Russians for goods in online stores.

business plan online store with calculations

In just 2 years, sales increased by more than 75%.

Especially relevant this type of business will seem to those who have a small initial investment. It should be noted that the costs here are somewhat different from the costs in a regular store. The premises need a small and in any part of the city, commodity equipment will not be required at all. In a word, online stores are often called preparations for opening your own store offline. Although, some organizations specialize exclusively in online trading.

business plan online clothing store

I would like to separately note the prospects of such business in the regions, as we will consider the business plan in the context of the fact that in the beginning he works in a separate city / region, and only then goes to a wider territory.

So, as can be seen from the graph, in almost all regions more than 90% of online buyers make purchases in Russian online stores. But the popularity of foreign stores is not so great that it gives the right to say that the main competitors are Russian online retail.

business plan online store example

As for the niche, it is safe to sell clothes and shoes. This segment accounts for 26% of the total market, which is quite significant. At the same time on the second place was electronics and bit technology with 12%, which is more than 2 times lower in terms of sales.

That is why many entrepreneurs today are engaged in selling clothes. In addition, the demand for this product is constant. And if the store sells clothes for different seasons, then seasonality in this case is excluded with the correct marketing policy.

It should be noted that the range should include items of underwear, as they are in high demand among women. But people buy expensive clothes from well-known brands in offline or reliable famous stores that are official dealers.

SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis for the online store is slightly different from SWOT analysis for a regular clothing store.

There are a number of factors from which both the strong and the weak sides of the online store can be formed. We will not refer them to a specific category, since each entrepreneur has his own input data (the breadth of the range, availability of special offers, prices). We list all these factors together, the main thing to remember is that they are external.

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