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Business plan of a mini bakery with calculations - how to open a mini bakery

     Business plan of a mini bakery with calculations - how to open a mini bakery

Estimated data:

The monthly income is 600,000 rubles.
The net profit is 70 550 rubles.
Initial costs - 1 000 800 rubles.
Payback - from 1 year and 3 months.

Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.
In this article, we will compile a detailed mini-bakery business plan with calculations.


Description of the service;
Market analysis;
SWOT analysis;
Assessment of opportunities;
Organizational and legal aspects;
Drawing up a marketing plan;
Calculation of incomes;
Drawing up a production plan;
Organizational plan;
Financial plan;
Description of the service
The organization is engaged in the production of bakery products. In the range will be: bread, bagels, bagels, drying, muffins, muffins and buns with cottage cheese. Please note that the bakery will not engage in direct sales of finished products. For sales of products in bulk, the sales representative will answer.

Market analysis
Bakery products are a commodity of daily demand. In any economic situation, people will need to eat. In addition, bread has been an indispensable attribute of any table since the times of Rus.

Opening your own mini-bakery, you need to decide what stages will be included in production. There are several options:

Full cycle enterprise. The organization will be engaged in the production of bakery products from beginning to end. That is, the dough will be made in the mini-bakery itself. This option is suitable for those who are ready to invest serious money now to get a big profit on the way out.
An enterprise based on the manufacture of bakery products from semi-finished products. In this case, only the baking of products from the finished dough is done in the production. This option requires less investment than the first. But the profitability will be much lower.
Open the bakery by franchise. This option makes it possible to get ready-made certified production technology. The yield will be slightly less than in the first variant, if the production volumes are the same.
We will consider the first option, since it gives more prospects to the entrepreneur.

How to open a mini bakery

Today, the main production of bakery products is accounted for by factories and large bakeries (61%). Almost a quarter of the market is accounted for by private bakeries (21%). The share in 13% is accounted for by supermarkets, which independently manufacture bakery products for sale.

The main competitors of our mini-bakery will be:

Large bakeries. Their main advantage will be the mass production, and consequently, a large number of products. The demand for their goods is quite large.
Various hyper- and supermarkets, as well as other stores that are engaged in self-baking. The volume of production for each of them is small. They satisfy the demand of their customers, but they can not provide large volumes. Often their products are bought under the influence of immediate demand (spontaneous purchases).
The main advantages of the products of both types of competitors will be that they react quickly to market changes. Also they are able to increase the assortment and volumes in a short time. Another advantage is that such organizations are used for the production of bakery products quality raw materials.

It is worth noting that the main drawback is that both competitors use additives that make the appearance of products better. But because of this, the price of bread also grows.

At first it will be rather difficult to find shops that are ready to buy products in our mini-bakery. The main competitive advantages will be:

provision of fresh products;
quality of bakery products;
reasonable cost.
Potential buyers will be small shops, stalls.

After the main consumers are found, the entrepreneur can think about opening his own bread shop, which will serve as an additional income.

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