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Business plan of the dining room with calculations

      Business plan of the dining room with calculations
Approximate data of the business plan of the canteen:

The initial costs are about 1,500,000 rubles.
Payback - 1-1,5 years.
50 seats, area - 180 m².
Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.

In this article we have compiled a detailed business plan for the dining room with calculations.

How to open a dining room from scratch

State and development of the market;
How to start the opening of the dining room? Select the format;
Business plan of the dining room;
Room for dining room;
Staff recruitment;
Check in;
Profitability and payback.
The state and development of the market

The restaurant industry is one of the first to take on the impact of the economic crisis. People eat less often outside the house, refuse to themselves in traditional Friday-Saturday entertainment, minimize solemn trips to restaurants. Given all this, is there any point to start your business in HoReCa now? We answer: "Yes!".

How has the market changed?
- Open simple institutions, designed for a wide audience. Dining room - a great example.

- Interesting projects now come to the target audience themselves. They are located not so much in the center as "scattered" in different areas.

- The opening of the food point was taken more seriously and thoughtfully. Beginning entrepreneurs use the services of expert consultants, turn to the profile companies for complex equipment of enterprises, they are afraid of independent access to the market without the support of professionals.

Arguments for the opening of the dining room
- The sector of corporate catering at the moment is almost not covered. Catering in kindergartens, schools, camps, hospitals is not loaded with competitors and has excellent development prospects.

- Canteens are well known to consumers, they do not need to be introduced to the format.

- The menu in the dining rooms is designed for a wide audience.

- Average check - 200 rubles. and a large selection of dishes - at least 50 per day, make the dining room affordable and attractive for students, working population, pensioners.

- Canteens always have the opportunity of additional income - banquets, catering, work on the client "from the street."

How to start the opening of the dining room? Format Selection


how to open a dining room

If before the canteen was associated with a certain institution (factories, educational institutions) and was closed to the mass consumer, now this format is close to a cafe, but relies on low prices, simple dishes and drinks, unpretentious design.

The dining room exists in different versions
City dining room. Provides catering services for any visitor. It is located next to large organizations and educational institutions. Carries out banquets and catering.

Dining room in the business center. It is located in the segment of corporate food. Serves employees and at certain hours of visitors "from the street." Serves as a place for corporate parties and business negotiations.

Dining room in an administrative, medical or educational institution. Works for a limited audience.

Dining room in the shopping center. It is part of a restaurant patio or food court. Occupies a larger area than the rest of the operators, designed for 40-50 seats.

For an example of a business plan for a dining room, we'll take the urban format for 50 seats - this is 400 people per shift. The area is 180 m². This canteen works in the open market, provides catering services and banquet service.

Motivation to visit the city dining room

Natural hunger satisfaction
Lunch break
Family dinner or a friendly meeting
Business conversation
Solemn event


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