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Detailed pizzeria business plan with calculations

    Detailed pizzeria business plan with calculations

Business plan for a pizzeria

Estimated data:

The initial costs are about 2 500 000 rubles.
Payback - from 1,5-2 years.
40 seats, area - 170 m².
Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.

In this article we have compiled a detailed pizzeria business plan with calculations.

With the help of a business plan, you will calculate all expenses, forecast risks, plan payback, profitability and profit. This document answers two main questions: how much does the project cost and when will it pay off?

For example, take the project pizzeria-cafe in Moscow area of ​​170 m² for 40 seats.


The urgency of investments and prospects of the pizza market;
Where to begin? Select the format;
How much does it cost to open a pizzeria?
Check in;
Profitability and payback.
The relevance of investments and the prospects for the pizza market

The entrance to the crisis market is always in doubt. This is an absolute risk. However, the crisis is not so terrible in individual segments, as it is being drawn. Pizzerias are a good example.

A difficult economic situation is accompanied by a decrease in the incomes of the population. People have to save, first of all - on entertainment. You can attribute this and eating outside the house, but you should make a reservation. For "well-fed two thousand" in Russia a restaurant food culture was formed. Now this is not a way out (we do not take into account the establishment of a premium class), but a normal practice of satisfying hunger.

Pizzerias among the variety of formats HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe / Catering) are in a winning position. The point is the value and benefits of the format.

Convenient location. Pizzerias - mass-market catering and as close to the target audience. This proposal immediately responds to the demand.
Fast service. Modern equipment allows you to cook pizza in just 10 minutes.
Affordable price. The average check in the pizzeria starts from 250 rubles.
Popularity of the dish. Pizza 50 years is among the three most popular dishes of the world. The case for the quality of raw materials and the skill of the cook.
Great audience coverage. Depending on the concept, the pizzeria is chosen by students and students working in the middle class, parents with children.
The purposes of visiting a pizzeria - lunch, lunch or dinner, a break in shopping, a meal, a meeting with friends, birthday celebrations, children's parties, family holidays.
If we talk about the market as a whole, the increase in turnover in the next 5 years will provide a cafe, pizzeria, fresh-bars and other democratic formats with high quality but inexpensive kitchen or a single product. In the top 5 cuisines will include: European, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Caucasian. Pizza refers directly to two kitchens and can claim the first place, overtaking brewed sushi, burgers or noodles.

To successfully enter the market, you need to know its trends:

Healthy eating. Less frying, light sauces, a large selection of healthy drinks.
Natural products. Minimum fat in pizza ingredients to choose from, experiments with test (bran, various types of flour), the rate for fresh meat in the stuffing, greens, seafood, and vegetables.
Without dyes, preservatives and other E-additives - always have quality certificates on hand.
In 2016-17 the year. the main growth of the catering market will be due to:

Adaptation of the population to new prices
Maintaining an average check at the most accessible level
Retention of regular customers
To attract new customers and work for a large audience
The experts of the company "MAPLE" will tell how to open a pizzeria.

Where to begin? Format Selection


Business plan for a pizzeria with calculations

Pizzeria can exist in different concepts and for any audience. This business starts with starting capital and 500,000, and 5,000,000 rubles.

Italian Restaurant.

The most expensive format of a pizzeria. Classic restaurant, where the menu - famous traditional Italian dishes and at least 6-8 kinds of pizza.


A democratic format and a traditional pizzeria. In the menu - 10-15 kinds of pizza, accompanying dishes - pasta, salads and desserts. The emphasis is on cooking pizza - often it's an open kitchen.

Pizzeria fast food and on the food court.

Customers are offered Italian and American pizza - 5 types each. The rest - snacks-fries, beer and carbonated drinks, salads, ice cream.

The company for delivery without a dining room.

Works only the shop that fulfills the orders of customers. In the menu - pizza on a thin and lush crust. At least 20-25 species.

Of all the presented formats, the pizzeria-café deserves attention. Here you can create an atmosphere of world-famous cozy Italian pizzerias with a high quality product.

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