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Ready-made business plan for a restaurant with calculations

     Ready-made business plan for a restaurant with calculations
March 21 The author: Schmidt Nikolay 21367 0

Business plan for a restaurant

Estimated data:

The initial costs are about 5,000,000 rubles.
Payback - 2,5 - 3 years.
50 seats, area - 180 m².
Note: This business plan, like all the others in the section Business Plans, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend that you do calculations for your business individually.

In this article we have compiled a detailed business plan for the restaurant with detailed calculations.


Urgency of investment in the project
Where to begin? Format Selection
Business plan
check in
Margin and profitability
Urgency of investment in the project

Part of this issue we already covered in the article on how to open a restaurant. Perhaps, even those who do not go to restaurants and do not live in hotels have heard about the difficult situation on the Russian hospitality market. First, the industry struck a ban on smoking, and then the overall economic situation in the country became, to put it mildly, not ideal.

So is it worth investing in a restaurant now and will not such investments become unprofitable? Let's turn to the numbers.

According to RBC, the number of visitors to food establishments in 2010-14 was 107.5 million people. The cost volume of the market for this period increased by 74.1% and reached an impressive figure of 727.8 billion rubles.

Serious numbers. However, starting entrepreneurs may have objections - the indicators are taken for "well-fed", pre-crisis years, the dynamics of the following years may be negative.

According to the same source, in 2015-19, the annual increase in the volume of the market will be 11.6%. And by 2019 will reach an indicator of 1261 billion rubles.

Growth is expected due to several factors:

Decrease in the cost of renting commercial real estate (as a consequence of a decrease in demand)
Adapting customers and the market to new prices and a ban on smoking
Insufficient saturation of the market (the number of restaurants per thousand people, even in Moscow, is 4 times lower than Western European standards)
"Survival" of effective players
The last point is worth paying special attention. In the restaurant market you can earn in almost any economic situation. The conditions are the same as in other areas of entrepreneurship - competent planning, market knowledge and regular monitoring.

The main milestones and features of the opening of a viable restaurant are set forth in this article by the specialists of the company "MAPLE".

Where to begin? Format Selection


"Restaurant" - the concept is quite capacious. The essence of business is one - to feed people for money, forgive for such a simplification. But there are a lot of ways, kinds, directions of restaurant business! And it is the chosen format that determines the size of the investment, the payback period, and the amount of labor expended.

Let us dwell on the "basic" formats of food establishments that have prospects in the Russian market.

Fine Dining
Premium-class with all its attributes. According to GOST, such institutions are classified as "luxury". Fine Dining restaurants offer an expensive (in all senses) interior, exclusive cuisine and serving, elite drinks. The average check is appropriate - before the crisis, to have dinner without alcohol in such a restaurant cost from 2000 rubles. Note that we are not talking about piece "stars" like "Turandot" or "Pushkin", but about good, high quality, but mass restaurants.

At first glance, where do customers get money for such luxury? But statistics show that premium-class restaurants feel still quite good. Left only those visitors that visited expensive institutions for the sake of "dust in the eyes." The backbone for which a visit to Fine Dining is a way of life, did not feel the tide of crisis and did not change habits.

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